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Front door of house

External doors

Contact Northwood Windows and Doors Ltd in Northwood for our range of high-quality external doors.

Professional installation

External doors have a demanding job – they need to look great and keep your home secure. Make sure you choose a reputable company like us. We will professionally install your external doors.

The kerb appeal of your front door

The kerb appeal of your house is a huge factor when you put it on the market. When you replace your front door it is an excellent time to consider how it will help to sell your home or property. The style and the colour can make a vast difference in how your home is perceived by potential buyers. Fortunately we can help you decide on the best style and design.

House door with white surround

Choice of materials for your external doors

We can provide wood, aluminium, uPVC doors, or composite doors. uPVC is an excellent choice for security, durability, and insulation, and it’s cost-efficient. However, if you want the best material for security, durability, and energy efficiency, then investing in a composite door is a sound choice. We also offer a vast choice in different finishes and colours – contact us for more information. Remember that a professional installer is essential – even a strong door is only as good as the quality of its installation.

House door and window

Many choices available

With so many choices available for your doors, we can help you design the perfect doors for your home. We can offer different glazing designs, and you can choose from frosted, clear, or patterned glass. You can even choose stained glass, which will look great on older or modern properties. The finishing touches provided by items such as the handles, hinges or doorknobs can add so much to the character and appeal of your external doors.

Are you looking for a new external door for your home?

Why not contact Northwood Windows and Doors Ltd in Northwood for more information about the choices available.

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