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Composite door and windows

Composite doors

For excellent quality composite doors for your home or property, contact Northwood Windows and Doors Ltd in Northwood.

Trust only professional installers

We install high quality composite doors in Northwood and the surrounding area. Trust only professional installers like Northwood Windows and Doors Ltd to ensure a perfect fit.


Our doors are made to the most exacting of standards, and they are all built to exceed expectations. Expertly installed by our experienced, professional team, they will last for decades. They will not only look amazing, but they will also help to protect your home against intruders and the elements. Only the best quality materials are used to create our doors, and they are made-to-measure to fit your home perfectly. 

White framed composite door

A bespoke door unique to you

Finished to the highest of standards with our fixtures and fittings, we are confident you will be delighted with the result. Our experts will ensure it is fitted efficiently with the minimum of hassle and mess. Our huge variety of fixtures, fittings, and glass panels mean that you can customise your door, so it is unique to you. From the doorknobs to the letterbox to the door knockers, it’s the details that matter.  

Composite door and side window

The best long-term investment

Composite doors are one of the most expensive materials for doors, but they are also the most durable material, and will last the longest. They can closely resemble wood, but unlike wooden doors, they require little to no maintenance. They also have great thermal efficiency and are the most secure option to keep intruders at bay. They also provide excellent insulation against noise pollution. If you are serious about investing in your external doors, a composite door provides the best long-term investment.

Are you looking for a professional installation of your composite doors?

At Northwood Windows and Doors Ltd in Northwood we install composite doors for both commercial and domestic properties. We also install uPVC windows and doors.

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